Draw Something Coin Cheat V3.0


WOW! So it’s been awhile since we have updated. We have some great news for you guys!

Our new version of the latest draw something coin cheat v3.0.

Live and direct and Only at omgpop hacks

We got emails and comments about people wanting us to upgrade and give a new working program so we did. We took a break as we were working on another project

But we are back to bring you version 3.0 of our program!

We at OMGPOP Hacks want to apologize if anyone is having trouble with the download. Because of server cost we could not host the download directly =(

We have updated our download links for 3.0 and even our older post now have direct downloads for now. We made the old version of the program available

To anyone that wanted to study it for any reason.


Our draw something coin hacks, and our draw free color packs is not something anyone can do so please keep your disrespectful comments to yourself.

Our programs are always completely free! We are willing to give the source code to anyone who is interested. Simply send us a message over at facebook on our facebook fan page:


Draw Free Coin Hack!
How it works.

This is version 3.0 of our draw something coin hack.


As you can see we majorly redesigned the gui system

Click here to download the draw something coin hack.

added the unlock all colors feature.


Instructions below.

download the program.

Install it.

enter your username and password into the program.

enter the amount of coins you would like.

click on the new color option if you would like to enable all colors, the option will glow if it is enabled

click start!

once the status reads complete go back into your game and you should now have the amount of coins you entered into your draw something coin hack program.

If you do not have the coins wait about 10 – 15 mins for it to read. If all the colors has not been enabled then check to see if the paint icon is glowing if not it is not enabled and retry. If it doesn’t work it either got patched or you did something wrong… Either way, be sure to bookmark us just in case an update is needed for our draw something coin hack


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